Pixelblaze v2.5 blue light flash

Hello, I have had the pixelblaze v2 for a long time. I really like it. I recently discovered the newest patterns uploaded to the site. I went through and downloaded them all to give them a try. As I went through, I came across one that shut down the pixelblaze and I can’t get it back. So, I don’t remember which pattern it was, but here are the symptoms:

  1. The blue light goes out every few seconds.
  2. There are 2 LEDs lit on the strip. One green, one yellow, when the blue light goes out, one turns white.
  3. While the blue light is on, I can see the network and sometimes connect. I can’t connect long enough to get to the webpage to change the pattern.
  4. Touching the gnd and gp0 doesn’t change anything.

Dang, no response yet. No problem, in trying to diagnose it, I connected to a pc and fried it. Now it’s a good place to hang my fish hooks.

Hey @trailcreeper,
Sorry this slipped my attention! Shoot me an email and we’ll get you sorted out. wizard@electromage.com