Pixelblaze V2+ and Sensor Board with Line-in

Its new hardware time! Pixelblaze V2 got a small hardware update, and now includes a much needed button, reverse polarity protection, better output drivers, and high voltage protection. Also a price drop!

The Sensor Board now has a line-in 1/8" jack for direct connecting to an audio source. It still has a mic, and switches to the mic when nothing is plugged in.

Sweet. When and how are these going to be available? Is there a bios update for the previous versions?

Hi @flipcorp,
They are available now! PBV2+ has been in the store for a week or two now, but I wanted to put it here in the forums to announce it.

The updated sensor board has been in the store for only 2 days, I was out of stock of the old version for a week or so while I was waiting on parts for the updated version. (Your most recent order has the updated version!)

No new firmware is needed. As long as you have a PB shipped since around June 2018 (firmware 2.8 or so), it will work with either Sensor Board variant. It does the same things as the old variant software-wise. Most of the changes are on the hardware side of things.