Pixelblaze V2 doesn't boot - LEDs come on briefly then nothing

I have a v2 board that does not boot (blue then orange LED come on very briefly, then nothing). I can’t account for if it was new or came out of some other installation.

It’s possible for a V2 to get stuck in a reset cycle if something causes a crash during startup, like a corrupt pattern or something, and I added fail-safes to V3. But this sounds different since it doesn’t repeat. I wonder if it’s a hardware issue.

I wonder if it is still running, or if the power just cuts out. Can you measure the 3.3V signal on the expansion header?

Can you measure the RST signal as well, it should be pulled high, but if something is driving (or shorting) it low it would keep the controller in reset.

@wizard, I’ve got one of these looping, what’s the method to break the reset loop, if any?

I do get 3.3v on the header

I also see 3.3v on the RST

Not sure if this helps, but the ESP shielding gets warm, and the current draw is always arround 0.070