Pixelblaze V3 Announcement

Pixelblaze V3 is Launching on Crowd Supply!

Calling all Pixelblaze magicians!

The latest iteration of Pixelblaze, the Pixelblaze V3, brings more computing power and a smaller form factor so it can be used in even more creative ways, both larger in scope and smaller in size.

What’s New in V3?

Here’s a summary of the improvements in V3:

  • New Pico form factor option
  • ESP32 dual-core 240 MHz processors
  • Twelve GPIO supporting more analog inputs and/or touch sensors
  • 2X to 2.5X faster pattern performance
  • 5X more array elements and 2X more global variables available to patterns.
  • Faster Wi-Fi, more responsive web interface, and WebSockets API!
  • Easier Wi-Fi setup
  • New patterns with much improved documentation and comments (thanks, @jeff!)

Pixelblaze V3 adds the power of the ESP32 processor and usability enhancements, paving the way for more advanced patterns and features. The physical differences of the standard Pixelblaze form factor are intentionally minimized so that V3 is compatible with existing V2 expansions and mounting setups.

Also, the new Pixelblaze V3 Pico form factor is the smallest and most powerful LED controller made. It was designed for minimal size, while having the same ESP32 firepower of its larger sibling. The Pico can be hidden away more easily and used in smaller places. The Pixelblaze Pico is only 11 mm x 33.3 mm (366.3 mm²)!

How Can You Help?

We want the Pixelblaze Crowd Supply campaign to be a huge success, and that means bringing more people into the Pixelblaze community and getting the word out about the campaign.

Right now, you can sign up for notifications when the CS campaign goes live. Let folks know about it! Tag #pixelblaze on social media and show folks your beautiful LEDs.


This is so exciting!

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I just want to thank @jeff … I just got back into a project using the v2 after a 6-month pandemic-burnout delay, and the new patterns and documentation are AWESOME. A true massive upgrade.

One thought on them – I’d strongly recommend making a few of them way more obvious on the getting started documentation and webpage, or changing the Patterns site to make it possible to link to an individual pattern – especially the “An Intro to Pixelblaze Code” which is truly a wonderful thing I stumbled on by accident yesterday.


Jan 12 updates on PB V3 (In case people missed the email)

Pixelblaze V3 - Hello 2021! Manufacturing update, supply chain, and more V3 features! | Crowd Supply


So close! Just waiting on paperwork/process at this point!




It arrived at the warehouse last week, I sent out an update to backers, but for anyone else following along here, here’s the update:


My V3 goodies arrived today (UK). It’s unbelievable how small the Pico is!


Is there an estimate for when the full production version of the V3 Pico (with castellated edges) will be available on Tindie? It currently shows 0 in stock and I’m unable to add it to my cart. Thanks!

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Hi @Irwin,
This week most likely!

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Just got my V3 board and sensor board. :grin:


mine is scheduled for tomorrow!

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It is much smaller than I thought it would be


Mine just arrived today. I need to spent some soldering time this weekend.


Are the pre-orders shipping yet or only the development supporter orders?

Hi @SeaLaVie,
I think the pre-orders will take a bit longer before shipping. I would unofficially guess perhaps two weeks.

After the campaign, Crowd Supply placed an order to stock up to handle their pre-orders. Crowd Supply / Mouser’s fulfillment warehouse has been hit hard by the weather in Texas, which has caused delays in logistics. Hopefully they will receive and process the goods soon, and start shipping out pre-orders.

All of the campaign orders should have shipped, or would likely ship very soon. Folks can check their Crowd Supply account page to find tracking/shipping info for the Pixelblaze campaign.

If you have questions about your order specifically, contact Crowd Supply Support as I don’t have visibility into individual orders.

Orders placed through Tindie are shipping, and those come directly to me where I usually ship out 4 days a week (Monday, Wednesday-Friday).

Thanks @wizard, I’ll try to be patient! The order page just changed my shipping date to March 14th but I’m hoping it ships out sooner than that.

It looks like these finally went out! Did y’all get shipping notifications?

Yes! Mine shipped yesterday arriving tomorrow.

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