Pixelblaze V3 Fritzing/Eagle part files

Hello all,
I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and make some more … pretty … installations (bed lights for my kids, with a force sensitive strip that can tell if they get off the bed, thus turning on night-lights).

As I might route or order some PCBs for this, I’m wondering if anyone out there has fritzing part files for the v3 standard board. (alternately, I occasionally trudge through eagle, and if someone has an eagle part file, I could probably make that work as well)


Hey @bdm!

I haven’t used it more than an hour, but I was able to use Eagle with the v3 part files here:

Thanks Jeff!
These will do the job perfectly.

At the risk of resurrecting an old thread, does anyone happen to have schematic files for the Output Expander? They don’t appear to be in that repo linked above.

Repo here

Check branches for versions.


So, a year after it looks like the last time I got into this, I dug in again. Hand-soldered PCB boards are only so attractive…

I made a custom library with a Pixelblaze 3.4 footprint, including the solderable pads on the back.

It appears I am unable to upload it here, so I’ve uploaded it to github:

Note, this is just for 3.4. The only thing that is different to the newer version is the tabs on the reverse side - and if you aren’t planning on using those, then this footprint will work fine.

I have PCB tabs available to correspond to the tabs on the pixelblaze 3.4, with the expectation that you’d solder a length of wire to connect the two (+/- a connector).

Hope this helps!