Pixelblaze V3 is LIVE on Crowd Supply

Hey glowy-blinky fans,

The magicians and weavers have toiled and crafted, forging the inner workings of the campaign’s magic. And though the day wanes, the Pixelblaze V3 campaign LIVES! To anyone who knows Pixelblaze, thank you for being here. For any new adventurers, welcome! The LEDs are bright.

In case you hadn’t already gotten the good word, this campaign was summoned at an extra special time. Crowd Supply is shifting their fulfillment process to a new system. This means lower prices then would have existed in the old system, and you get FREE domestic shipping on everything until November 21st. The magical shipping portal will close on the 22nd, and so too with it will free shipping, so don’t delay!

Why Pixelblaze?

I created Pixelblaze because I wanted a better, faster way to write patterns for LEDs. I like to think we have come quite far with that.

This latest incantation of Pixelblaze brings more computing power and a smaller form factor so it can be used in even more creative ways, both larger in scope and smaller in size. This project will help continue the development of Pixelblaze with more features in the future.

We are overjoyed to launch this campaign on Crowd Supply. We are prepared, and yet the battle has just begun! Explore what path lay behind us, and help forge the future!


PS So many of you have contributed to the beauty of the world with your creations, and I love seeing them in action. @jeff has been collecting these into a super awesome page showing what has been made with Pixelblaze for all to enjoy and draw inspiration from. Thank you for sharing the magic!


ahhh dang! I just got some v2 in a couple days ago too lol

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In for 2 of each plus 2 sensor boards.


Enjoy your v2. V3 will available after February 14.

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The official dates are kind of for worst case, CS does not want to overpromise.

I plan to build during the campaign and ship ASAP, possibly when the campaign ends. That will ship to CS’s fulfillment, and that process may add some time, but overall it should be much sooner than Feb 15th.

That said, it’s likely it won’t get to you before the new year, so if you want something for the holidays, a V2 is still your best bet.


Oh I thought you said it was likely for the holidays… Harrumph!

Believe me, I’ll try, but the campaign isn’t slated to end until December 16th. It may take some time for CS to receive my shipment and start to fulfill orders even if I build everything before it ends. It could very well fall into a holiday window where everyone is out of the office.
The safe bet would be to get a V2 if something is needed before the holidays, which is still a nice piece of kit :grin:

Oh wow that Pixelblaze Pico is exactly what I’ve been looking to use in some of my projects that replace the LEDs in a t8 LED bulb. I was trying to drive power and signal through m12 connectors that I put in the ends. Requiring me to daisy chain them.

I’ll have to get some and try to set something up with Firestorm.

Is it possible to add to the campaign the pluggable pro version of your serial led driver board? I would like to also get 1 of those but would like to combine the order for shipping costs.

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I’ll look at adding it to the campaign!

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It looks like the campaign just ended. I hope it was the success you hoped for. I think PB has a really bright future ahead of it in the V3. Any word on when they will start shipping the first batch? I see any ordered now are expected to ship in Feb. I hope that is not still considered the first batch. :slight_smile:


Hi @devoh,
Thank you! It’s great to see so much support for Pixelblaze and I’m sure a ton of it is from folks like yourself that already have a V2! I hope this reached some new folks as well, getting some more exposure was one of the goals. So far much of the growth is word of mouth.

For shipping dates, Crowd Supply is pretty cautious about overpromising so the promised ship date is pretty far out because things can happen. Also a lot of projects are in an earlier state when they crowdfund.

I plan to get these out ASAP, and haven’t been waiting. I have just over 100 each of the final rev pico + standard already made in order to fully test the manufacturability/yield of the design. More stuff is on order for making more. In the meantime we’ve been making a bunch of the add-on boards and 8x8 panels as well, which were a pretty big part of the campaign as well.

I hope to get everything to CS early January, who is then handling the fulfillment (through Mouser’s facilities).

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Are you going to continue to sell thru CS, or will these be available via Tindie as well? (I’ve ordered some thru CS already.)

Once the campaign orders ship, I’m free to sell V3 directly as well and will have them on Tindie.

I’m working with CS so that they can continue to sell PB on their website as a distribute/retailer. They have partnerships with some other folks as well and Pixelblaze might show up in even more places!


I love Mouser!
Its just down the road and they get everything to me next day if its shipped ground