Pixelblaze V3 WI-fi Loss

Just got my Pixelbaze V3 and love it so far except for one problem.

Whenever it is powered off it loses all Wi-Fi settings. This is both in client mode and AP. It always ends up back in Wi-Fi setup mode after a power cycle. All the other settings save OK (device name, time zone, LEd type, etc).

It also seems to broadcast a gibberish wifi network when it connects in client mode (attached)

. I’m assuming it’s the PixelBlaze because it disappears immediately on power down. It works perfectly fine in this mode with this gibbirish wifi active (until power down, of course, then it’s back in wifi setup mode)

There’s nothing else connected except power (nice clean 5v), ground and DAT. I’m using a WS2812 strip.

Not sure what else I can try. Help! please

Wow, that is really weird!

Are you sure it isn’t having power brownouts? Those can cause what appears to be wifi settings forgetfulness.

I wonder if there is some kind of corruption going on when it saves things. Would you try something for me?

Try setting it up in AP mode. Does it stick across reboots? If you put it back in client mode (connect it to your network), has the mystery gibberish network gone away?

AP mode does not stick across reboots, no.

The gibberish network only appears once its connected to Wifi in client mode.

I’m using a Tekpower 5A bench power supply, and the highest it ever displays is about 1A using the pattern I’ve been using, so I don’t think its brownouts

Hmm, hope the flash hasn’t gone bad!

Brownouts can happen for momentary drops voltage, which could be resistance or inductance in wires. The PB would reset, you’d see the led flash and the interface would briefly show disconnected before reconnecting.

We can try an update. Might need to swap it out if that doesn’t work. Is this a standard or pico?

It works perfectly while it’s on, i havent seen any resets.

It’s a standard.

I sent you an email with another thing to try. If that doesn’t fix it up, I can get you a replacement.

If any future folks find themselves in the same situation and are reading this, please let me know!

The exact same thing is happening to me.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I remove power from my PB I have to re-enter the WiFi credentials before I can do ANYTHING with it - that is 100% UNACCEPTABLE.

I’m running my PB from a 5V 40A power supply, running a 16x16 WS2812B matrix, NEVER using white, so brownout is not the issue. It works perfectly fine UNTIL it’s powered down, and then it just LOSES IT’S MIND.

It’s worse than nothing because with nothing, you have no expectations.

@wizard shipped me a replacement unit and it works perfectly. I shipped my first one back to him and i believe he will be investigating what happened. i bet he’ll help you out too, he’s been great with my issue

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I sure hope so - I really like the concept of the PB.