PixelBlaze V3s unable to load wifi setup page

I recently (early september) purchased 2 V3 standards and just tried to set them up today. Both of them show up on the wifi network list as usual, but neither of them are able to reach the wifi setup page when I connect to them. I am able to get a v2 working with no issue on the same hardware. Has anyone else run into issues with hardware from around that time?

Hi there, try browsing via the full url to the setup page. (or go through the wifi setup using your phone).

The 3.19b (beta) firmware (can be found on these forums) also fixes some of the setup related issues I have seen, so once you get to setup or the recovery page or /update then you could try that.

I found its easy to go back to the latest released version 3.18 using the update mechanism but 3.18 and earlier has some setup related issues under some configurations. The symptom is the web page either does not load or returns a 404 error.


Yep that did it. Thanks.