Pixelblaze Web Interface

I have a Pixelbaze wired up to my string of ws2813b leds. When I power it up and connect my computer to it’s wifi, I get the Setup screen at All that seems good, but how do I move to the web interface? I’ve searched for the device using ipconfig /all, and came up with, but when I point my browser (Chrome) to that address I only get This Site Can’t Be Reached.

Can you please tell me how to reach the Web Interface? I’m sure it’s a simple thing that I’m doing wrong…
Thank you!

Hi @CommanderG,
When you power up your Pixelblaze, it will go in to WiFi setup mode. Look for a new wireless network called pixelblaze_XXXXXX. Once you connect, you should automatically see the setup page. If not, go to

Once you hit the setup page, you’ll want to choose either client mode or AP mode.

Client mode will connect PB to an existing WiFi network, such as your home network. This is good if you plan to run PB around the house or at some other fixed location. You then pick/enter your wireless network and passphrase and connect. Once connected, the discovery service can help you find it on your local network.


AP Mode by comparison will create its own WiFi network. This is useful if you want to move PB around or don’t have a network to connect to. In AP mode, you get to choose the WiFi network name and passphrase. Once set for AP mode, you can then connect to this WiFi network. It’s very similar to setup mode, except the name is whatever you wanted, and it has a passphrase. When you connect, you can then find Pixelblaze at

If you are visiting but only see the setup screen, Pixelblaze is still in setup mode and hasn’t successfully connected to another network or been configured to run in AP mode. You can’t access the main PB interface when it’s still in setup mode.

If you ever need to go back to setup mode to change anything, press and hold the button for 5 seconds (or short GP0 and GND for previous models). The light should blink and Pixelblaze will start in setup mode.

Thank you! That was what I needed, works great now.