Playlist feature?

Is there a way to create a playlist of saved patterns, and have it automagically cycle (sequentially or randomly) through them, with a variable to control how often?


The sequencer in Pixelblaze is very basic right now. If enabled, it will cycle through all the patterns in a semi-random order, on a configurable interval. The controls for it are right above the pattern list.

Firestorm has a slightly better version, where you can click on a number of patterns to queue them up at a fixed interval.

I hope to address this in a future release!

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Yeah, would say be nice to be able to switch between a playlist that includes the music ones or not or have playlists that are more mood/chill vs party


I like the playlist functionality available now (June’22), but wish I could save the list itself with a name and then switch between them. I.e. a “chill” list, “techno”, “sunrise”, …

Blue sky wish: ability to schedule playlists based on time. Play the “chill” list from 1800-2100, then techno until 5am, then sunrise until 9am, then off until 6pm…

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Yep, have planned to allow named playlists. Scheduling is a good idea too.

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