Polar-mapped Star

This started out as your fault, @Scruffynerf


Where are you getting the black acrylic?

OMG, and thanks for the hat tip. Now I have to do the video I’ve been mulling over doing. (Happy little grin)

I was just thinking that I needed to add “Polar Tixy” and here you add some formulas and everything. Thank you for your amazing video!

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I love this. It’s really beautiful! Definitely made me want to go build one RIGHT NOW!

There must be something going around about holidays, Pixelblazes and baked goods though. We just put up our tree yesterday. Note the fruitcake under the tree to the right – the one with the sneaky wifi antenna…

(Pixelblaze driving 2 strands - 400 LEDs of those strange, inexpensive fairy lights.)