Portland Winter Light Festival

Getting Ready to install my latest project “Spiral Breathing” at the Portland Winter Light Festival. Counter to what many of the projects here explore, these pieces are ultra slow and about 10% max brightness. Just a simple rainbow slowly spiraling in and out, so slow in fact it’s not obvious at first that it’s changing at all. The APA102’s produce a wide range of hue, saturation and brightness, especially noticeable when they are dim,. They don’t just go from bright to off like the ws2812 variety; lots of subtle variation. It’s more like looking at a watercolor or pastel drawing, as opposed to a bright backlit sign or video display. I find it very relaxing and mesmerizing; once I start watching it, it’s hard to pull away. If you are local to Portland come check the festival out this weekend; lots of great light art to see. (My piece will be on the corner of SE First and Taylor.)

PS I do still love and am amazed by all the beautiful and complex patterns you all create. It’s quite an artform and I love the way it informs my understanding of math.


These are beautiful! I love this sort of quiet, ambient piece – something you can have in your home, live with and enjoy every day over the long term.

Thank you…that was my goal. It’s ironic coming from you, whom I admire for your programming prowess and your wild and beautiful patterns. But, a good life includes times for adventure and times for quiet reflection! Keep it up.

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I agree - they are wonderful, even just as static displays in that image. I can image they would be mesmerizing when slowly animated, three of them on a wall. I am inspired to try some LEDs with greater dynamic range than the common ones that I have used so far.