Possible results of using HD107s

So I purchased two strips… an APA102 and a HD107s 60led/m in a one meter strip.

I ran the pattern “blink fade” using a PB V2 with a usb power meter…

The APA102 used 23.7 mA or 123.6 mW more per hour over a 5 hour span than the “supposed HD107s”.

I say “supposed HD107s” because the strip in white is the HD107s and it is labled APA102. The seller claims that it is because they use the same PCB strips and only change the IC…

Now to see if that matches the spec sheet… Hmmmm a better test might be to have them both running but displaying nothing. Since they claim they save like 90% power when off.

The ICs do look slightly different… but not much.

I found this of the different IC chips… so it does look it it might be a HD107s

Hey! How was the color depth and low end brightness?

I only have a strip of 8 HD107s and was happy that they just plugged in to APA102 protocol coming out of PB and just worked. I haven’t yet done a side-by-side vs SK9822 to judge any subjective improvements in output aesthetic.

I know APA102 is 8 bits per color plus 5 shared/global brightness bits, but I didn’t crack open any “arcane scrolls” yet to compare the protocols. I kind of wondered if the global brightness bits were lining up with the MSB of a 16 bit word for each color in HD107s, or if I was just seeing 8 bit colors, or what.

I believe the protocols are the same. Just faster and more efficient. To my untrained eye they look every bit as nice.

So ok ya powered on but with settings @ 0 is where the HD107s really “shines” lol

The render function on the PB was just hsv(0,0,0)

The APA102 used 200mA or 1028 mW more over an hour than the HD107s. Both were 60 led / meter and one meter long. So 60 led.

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That’s awesome. I am planning on some point with hd107 in them, so lower power consumption combined with higher specs (allowing POV) is the combo prescription.

One final test…

I set the max brightness on the PB V2 to 50% and the render function to hsv(0,0,1) (Full white)

Interesting result… The HD107s uses 120mA or 612 mW more per hour for a 60 led strip. I do not have equipment to say if it is actually brighter or not. Another interesting thing is that a 60/meter one meter strip can not maintain 5.14V at the meter doing full white(50% brightness). It drops to 4.8V , This is probably true of any strip. Full white is hard on it.

Standard disclaimer… I am no expert and these are just measurements taken with a usb meter. :slight_smile: