Possible to use ADC for audio/mic input?

I know there’s the sensor expansion board but that seems a little over kill. Was wondering if I could use the ADC input for a microphone?

It’s not fast enough for audio. It can read basic analog sensors, but you will only get one sample per frame.

You could make a simple VU type meter by filtering the audio energy to a voltage, and reading that with the adc.

That was quick! Didn’t think about the speed. Guessing the sensor board is using I2C.

By the way, I just got my board a couple days ago and this is one of my favorite purchases in awhile. Thank you.

Glad you like it! Have any projects in mind? We always love seeing PB in the wild.

The sensor board uses serial at 115200 baud. You could emulate its protocol from other micro. The sensor board itself is open source.

There’s also an arduino library for using the sensor board with a different micro.