Power supply setup for a 5,12,and 24 volts rib lights strips

could someone tell me the correct hook up for powering the V3 driver, first if I am using 5volts set up that I don’t need to connect a c cord power to the driver board because the 5 volts power unit does that. but for a 12 or 24 volts setup I connect the power cord wires on the rib light strip to the power unit, so do I need to use a separate 5volts power unit to power the V3 driver and if so what is the layout for this set up.

Pixelblaze gets its own power supply, like usb wall charger, your usb-c, whatever…

Connect GROUND wire from your (12 volts and up) led power supply to the pixelblaze AND the led strip.

Connect LIVE wire from your led power supply to JUST the led strip!

That’s how I got mine to work. I think. Pretty sure. Probably.