Powering Issue on PBv2

Hi all,

I’ve been playing with the pixelblaze v2 for the past week and hadn’t had any power issues but recently I’ve had trouble having it power up. Originally I thought it was the external 5V power supply or poor connections but even via usb power (with everything else disconnected) the blue and yellow light blink once and then nothing else is happening.

Does anyone have some advice on this?


Hi @Ryutashiro,
Can you get a video of the startup behavior? Is the orange light on at any point after the initial blink, or does it go out? Have you tried powering it up, then holding the button for 5s to enter setup mode?

Hi there, currently away from my setup so I’ll get a video when I return! The orange light goes off after the initial blink and does not turn back on. I’ve have tried to put it back into setup mode with the 5s hold, but it does not appear to respond.

If the orange light does not come on shortly after the initial blink, it is not connecting to WiFi.

It may have lost connection info and might be unsuccessfully trying to connect. Sometimes rebooting the WiFi router can help too.

If it can’t connect for whatever reason, after a few minutes V2 will go back in to setup mode. You can try powering it on for a while and checking for the setup AP network to show up. Setting wifi credentials again may let it connect if it had lost settings.

Great I’ll give it a shot! Thank you!

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