Pro Output Expander V3

The 3rd version of the Pro Output Expander design has been improved with fuse protection and the same improved MCU as the non-pro expander.

The Pixelblaze Pro Output Expander, drives up to 8 independent sets of addressable LEDs, while providing up to 15A power distribution with fuse protection.

The 4 output ports have 2 independent output channels each, for a total of 8 output channels.

Supported LEDs (and compatibles):

  • WS2811 / WS2812 / WS2813 / WS2815 / SK6812 / NeoPixel
  • APA102 / SK9822 / DotStar

An input main fuse + 4 independently fuse-protected power outputs provide protection against accidental shorts and other problems that can damage equipment or cause fires. Blown fuse indicators make it easy to troubleshoot any issues. Fuses are replaceable with common automotive mini blade type fuses.

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Hello, i was wondering how you wire many expeander to one serial signal ?

Thank you

Hello @pr0cess0r ,
The data line from a Pixelblaze can be connected to multiple expanders. Each expander has an address setting for getting different pixels. Each expander adds up to 8 channels, and there can be 8 different expander addresses.