Problem after update

I tried to update from 3.20(V3) and only the recovery site starts.
i tried Force Update to Repair and it doesnt help.
i read the serial log and it shows

An error occurred, returning false. Error: Unable to write to tmpfile
firmware updater returned false, aborting…

Hi @jose,
It sounds like you might have some filesystem issues. This may mean you need to free up some space. It could also be corrupted. How much free space shows up in the recovery tool interface?

Sometimes trying a repair few times in the recovery tool will work. I would give that a few tries. When free space is low, writes can stall or time out as it tries to reclaim free space.

If that doesn’t work, we can try freeing up some space manually.

Hi wizard,

the recovery tool shows 487K free.
what can i do to free up space…

I´ve got it. I delete some patterns and voila …

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