Problem loading and running a shared pattern

I can’t figure out how to run any of the shared patterns.
I can download them as a text file on my iphone, then run the editor and get the file, but I can’t add the file to the saved list so that I can run it.

It never allows the Save operation, always grays it out.
I thought perhaps I had to free some space, so I deleted a few saved patterns I don’t use, but no luck.
I’m wondering if there’s some permissions issue that’s new with iOS 16 on an iPhone 14 pro max?

Something like that is screwing up my Tiles software, prevents properly initializing new Tiles on this phone.

Or is there something I’m missing—I just want to try some of the shared patterns, and I’m stuck.

Hi @DaveGadgeteer ,
The “open file” button on the editor tab can load in the .epe files downloaded from the pattern site. It should load in the code, fill out the name field, and start generating a preview. Once generated the save button should become active.

In some cases the pattern might be incompatible, not all patterns implement support for every 1d/2d/3D type of pixel map. Can you give me an example pattern that isn’t loading, and do you have a pixel map set up on the mapper tab? It isn’t required if you don’t have one, but knowing what is there helps troubleshoot.

In addition to what Wizard said, it’s worth noting that if you accidentally tap or click in the preview bar (which disables sending live pixel data back to your we browser), this effectively inhibits the preview building and thus the ability to save. It’s the area I’ve highlighted in green here:


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