Problem with Apa102 matrix


I have a matrix with 10 rows x 120 pixels with Apa102 LEDs in zigzag mode. The problem is that some patterns work properly and some do not. For the patterns that do not work properly, the last 3 rows are not displayed. Is there a limited number of pixels for some patterns?
Pixelblaze supports 5000 apa102 pixels, I have 1200 pixels total.
I use Pixelblaze v3 - 3.20
The settings of the matrix and the LEDs are correct, because some patterns work and some do not.

some patterns that work:
An Intro to Pixelblaze Code
block reflections
color fade pulse
block reflections

some patterns that do not work:
Line Dancer 2D
Doom Fire
Cube Fire 3D
honeycomb 2D/3D
pulse 2D

on my other matrix with 512 ws2812b everything works fine

Hi @Schangele,
Can you post a screenshot of your settings page and your pixel map? The list of patterns that work seem to be 1D patterns, while the others are 2D/3D which to me indicates that the pixel map might not have all of the pixels accounted for.

That looks like v3.24, so you should have the live preview on the Edit tab as well. Does that match what you expect? Can you post your settings page?

yes, i did the update, pressed the button on the board and reloaded the mapper. now everything fits
I love the Pixelblaze