Problem With V3.16 and Firestorm not working

Have noticed only today that whenever my internet craps out or stutters( VOD freezes and causes my STB to crash, requiring a reboot), Firestorm stops working. This has now happened three times today. The PB seems to get stuck, as it just hangs on the loading screen, and after 5 mins of rotating cube I gave up. Which is why the first time I put the PB back in setup mode, and re-entered all the settings and this worked fine, but forgot to test via Firestorm. Second and third time, I just rebooted my RPi running Firestorm and that solves the problem. Until next time.

Is there any output on the console when that happens? If you are running it with pm2 pm2 logs can show that as well.

If the websocket conections are exhausted (used / held open) it may refuse new connections, and cause a browser to get stuck on the loading screen.

I’m wondering if Firestorm is holding them for some reason. Maybe a gap in the error handling code that should close them down, but is holding them open instead.