Push notification from pattern

In switching to try use sensors within PB v3 entirely, I now am wanting to update my smarthome with the data intermittently. In this case, it is bed occupancy (from force-sensitive strip) on my kids beds (which toggles a PB strip on their bed like a night light) - this works great.
I am now wanting to get the data into my OpenHab installation. I know I can have a script intermittently get the value of the occupancy variable - but this potentially would be a LOT of extra traffic for more rare events of change in occupancy. Is it possible to have the PB push notification somehow? Given that this is OpenHab, I have a fair bit of flexibility with how this is caught.


There isn’t a way to push messages from PB at the moment.

Polling once every 1-5 seconds or so should be a pretty small bandwidth impact assuming the websocket connection stays connected.