Quantising a pixel mapping?

I’ve just gone and done the clicky clicky for over 400 LEDs on the pixel mapping tool. But even though the intention is that I’ve sewn the LEDs into a regular pattern, the mapping is quite inaccurate to to the LEDs being sewn into fabric, which is a bit lumpy as it’s laid out on the floor for the photo.

Has anyone done the work to take the output of the mapper and “quantise” it to a regular grid (of the size of the user’s choosing)? I can see roughly how you’d do it in JS but if anyone’s done the work and can save me from having to think that’d be nice :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I can’t help you with quantizing the coordinates after the fact but you could give my tool a try to have quantized coordinates from the start: http://ledmapper.spoodoolabs.com/

1: Load a background image
2: Tick the ‘Coarse grid with snapping’ checkbox
3: Tick the ‘Auto Index’ checkbox
4: Adjust the grid size to your liking
5: Either single click into the grid or drag the cursor while holding the left mouse button down to draw LEDs
6: (Optional) Drag and drop the LEDs around to make corrections, they’ll snap to the grid automatically



This address is returning a 503. Is it offline permanently or has it moved somewhere else?

@afinefellow Apologies for the late reply!
I changed servers and some configuration got messed up.
http://ledmapper.spoodoolabs.com/ is now reachable again.