RAW RGBW value input

I’d like to be able to send raw RGBW values to some high-power RGBW LED WS2812-compatible modules to get extra brightness when desired by having all the dies on. I don’t see a way to do this within the framework currently (though of course I know how to do it in C++ outside of PixelBlaze).
I understand this might not be a great idea for strip-mounted LEDs, but mine are on a substantial heatsink and current draw is no issue.

You can actually experiment with this now, if you’re willing to deceive your Pixelblaze a little.

Set your Pixelblaze for the appropriately ordered RGB (not RGBW) LED flavor.
This tells the Pixelblaze to just send 3 bytes of RGB data and not do anything involving W at all. But your strip will still want to eat 4 bytes per pixel.

So you’ll need to lie about the pixel count too, to account for the extra W bytes. Set it to (actual pixel count) + (actual pixel count / 3)

Now you can use the function in the forum post below which, given a pixel index, figures out where the r,g,b and w bytes will fall and lets you set them all independently.

Because of the way the math works out you may not be able to control a few pixels at the end of your strip, but this will at least give you a sense for how bright, how hot, how much power, etc.

OK that’s a start, thanks. It is very much brighter. Shame you can’t set the number of pixels and ordering mode from code, then just this program could do it’s hacky thing.