Release: V3.47 New HDR LED Drivers, faster WS2812, and editor improvements


  • Total rewrite of all LED drivers. Many see a speed improvement, and previews no longer dim based on brightness settings - only pattern values.
  • Much faster WS2812 drivers for Pixelblaze.
  • Now supports full HDR 48-bit color using WS2816 and NS108 LEDs.
  • Updates to the editor library, improvements on mobile, and added autocomplete!
  • XL model exclusive: new complete filesystem backup and restore feature (currently hidden in Advanced Settings, add ?setup to the URL to see it). This allows you to make a snapshot on XLs that can be restored by holding the button during power on.
  • Fix pattern UI control ordering bugs
  • Minor bug fixes

Here’s a 2" x 2" panel of WS2816 LEDs running at 1% brightness:

And an NS108 panel at full range using a slow gradient:

Here are the update files, which can be applied by uploading to the /update or /recovery.html tool.

UPDATE: this preview has been promoted to a full release!


I’m a bit too in the weeds on Burning Man prep to beta test software, but I’m about to buy another handful of PixelBlaze right now (and upload the exact same PBB file to… 12+ PixelBlaze for a LED workshop I’m running in two weeks) and I am psyched about the “fixed” pattern previews that don’t show as super dim all the time when I’m working on wearables that are at like 30% max brightness a lot of the time.

To me, that is a huge qualify of life improvement even though it’s probably a very simple change on the backend.

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I’m seeing occasional odd stalling when I use UI controls, particularly noticeable when adjusting the brightness slider while in the editor.

Edit: stalling might’ve been file system related. Backup/clean/restore made it a lot better.

(this is an older, non-jumbo PB3, 368k available, 256 (16x16) WS2812 pixels)

Did you change the gamma curve for WS28xx LEDs? I may be hallucinating, but I think I’m seeing more brightness levels, and it looks good!

Wasn’t working with the Output Expander. Using GS8208, in the WS8212 type selection. I’ll try with some WS leds tomorrow.

Same setup and everything? Did reverting fix it? :scream:

This was nontrivial, or I would have done it much sooner! Glad this will give you some quality of life!

I wouldn’t think so, through frame rates should be much higher. Perhaps it’s the smoother animation?

Yeah, I just loaded the new update and the lights didn’t react to the UI. The App and the web UI acted like they worked, live preview reacted just no lights. I reverted back to v3.4 and it worked immediately. I haven’t tried it without the output expander yet.

Well, then I’m glad you invested the time!

Does your expander config have gaps or overlaps in the pixel sequence? Can you send a screenshot (dm is fine).

Here’s a small update that validates expander configs, only accepts contiguous indexes.

  • v3.46.pb32.stfu (1.4 MB)
  • v3.46.pico32.stfu (1.4 MB)

    The way expander channels render changed, previously it would render by channel, and could handle gaps or overlaps (by double-rendering) but most patterns that rely on the pixel index would get confused. The new method renders based on a contiguous index sequence up to pixelCount, and finds the first appropriate output expander channel for that index. If that something folks really rely on, let me know!

Hello, I’m replying here to make an appreciation post about the new firmware update.

The performance gain with WS28xx (2815 for me) is ASTONISHING. Went from 12-24 fps to 23-38 fps (depends of the pattern) with 864 LED on my data output. This is allowing me to run 6m @144 LED/m in a single diffuser without thinking about splitting data.

Great job that confirms to me the Pixelblaze is a strong and powerful platform. Thanks again to the PB team !


Same issue. Preview displays fine (though i don’t see any speedup on the fps). Output expander linked pixels show nothing. Standard pb3 hardware, running 3.46.

Reverting to 3.40 fixes it.

Found the issue, thank you all for the issue reports! This should fix the problem with output expanders:

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It works, but I’m not seeing any obvious difference (compared to 3.4). Maybe I’m just bound by number of LEDs i’m driving.

For a system with an expander you won’t see much fps change, they were pipelined and fairly optimal. There are other benefits though, previews won’t dim with brightness settings. Editor enhancements. Small bug fixes.

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WOOOOOOT! So nice to pick up all the recent advancements! It’s running super stable for my NS108 crown molding. I haven’t doubled back to play with all the other improvements but I do want to express my huge appreciation. Seriously: tremendous stuff!


It was almost a month ago since 3.47 was released, do we consider this production (“I leave for Burning Man in less than two weeks”)-ready?

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I suppose so! I haven’t heard of any issues.

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I assume this is part of the new release, but I can’t find documentation or figure out what it does. In the below image, what’s the box that allows numeric entry with a symbol of a editing clapper next to it? Whatever it is, it’s not yet in the main documentation here – .

EDIT: I thought this was related to a bug I was having in the playlist feature, but the bug was PBKAC – I still would love documentation of what this new feature is. Removed the bug question.