Remap PB button as reset button

Is it possible to remap the button on the PBv3 to be a reset button?
Not too infrequently, the PB web interface seems to crash, and refreshing from a variety of devices has the host unreachable. Despite this, I am able to use the python interface separately to control the device (only one at a time, not overloading it). This has occasionally happened while using the pattern editor from the web interface, and not using any other interface.

Rarely, the device becomes unresponsive to the python 3 interface as well.

In both of these cases, the button successfully continues to toggle between different patterns. Also, for both circumstances, unplugging/plugging the device back in fixes the problem. Is it possible to remap the button on the board to be able to soft restart the device? (Separately, it would be nice to have it not crash, however I don’t think I have enough information to reproduce this to help with this process).

Eventually I plan on getting a separate esp/relay device that can fully power the device off when not in use, rather than turning the brightness to zero, which may help prevent these issues, should they be memory leak-related.

@wizard has been debugging the problem of v3 crashes/stalls/nonresponsiveness, as it’s still a new platform and once it rolled out, the bug(s?) became visible thanks to wider usage.

I’d say give it a few revs to resolve the problem.
See other threads on the forum.

As for changing the button into being a reset, it’s doable by a firmware change but since that requires @wizard to do so, I’d much rather just see him spend his time solving the underlying issue instead of a way to reboot when it happens.


I do find a plug-in smart outlet to be an effective off-the-shelf solution, Although, I admit, a bulky and inelegant one compared to the diminutive form factor of the V3.

Agreed, that’s a better use of his time.
I’m probably going to design a PCB for an ESP01 (or other 8266) to control a relay to toggle the device on&off (which I assume will be for a net energy saving), as well as possibly manage a few hardware buttons that will send commands to the device, but that is beside the debugging task that @wizard has. For now, I’m going to install an inline power toggle switch.

Right, hopefully I’ll get that sorted soon!

In the meantime if you do want a reset button, one can be connected between gnd and rst (bottom 2 pins) on the expansion header.

I used a small sonof inline wifi switch for my daughter’s V2 PB. So she can switch the whole thing on or off via Alexa or her phone, which she thinks is very cool.


smacks own forehead
Yes, that would make a lot of sense, and is very easy to implement.
Thanks for pointing it out. With this, I don’t think there’s enough of a use case for the relay (and physical button interface) with an additional microcontroller. I can’t imagine the difference in energy saved would be very substantial.
I’m glad I hadn’t yet dedicated any significant time to board design and parts yet.

Just FYI I use Shelly smart plugs, Shelly Plug US: Is it the Best Smart Plug? - HomeTechHacker

They are way easier to use than Sonoff (I do have sonoff s31’s as well).

The multiple interface options built in out of the box, just make the Shelly so easy to use, and the price is not extortionate.