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What do I need to do to get a refund for my PB V3 standard and sensor board?

EVERY SINGLE TIME I remove power from my PB I have to re-enter the WiFi credentials before I can do ANYTHING with it - that is 100% UNACCEPTABLE.

I’m running my PB from a 5V 40A power supply, running a 16x16 WS2812B matrix, NEVER using white, so brownout is not the issue. It works perfectly fine UNTIL it’s powered down, and then it just LOSES IT’S MIND.

Hi @kd7eir ,
It is not supposed to do that. Sorry for the trouble!

I have heard of this happening one other time, and we swapped it out with a replacement which has been working fine.

If you’d like to give a replacement a shot let me know. I’ll ship you out a new one and a return label+postage for the return of the bad.

Please send me your order info and which route you’d like to go.


I will definitely try a replacement! I’ve emailed you the requested information.

Replacement received and all is well!

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