Reviews in the ElectroMage shop

I’ve found the right combination of runes to enable reviews in the shop.

The direct shop opened about 11 months ago, and I’ve been missing reading the reviews since most of the orders started coming through there instead of Tindie.

The feedback on Tindie has been excellent. It’s been not only a huge motivational aspect to this business, but also a great source of constructive feedback.

I hope to hear from you on the direct shop as well, and since I just enabled it, things look a bit deserted. So if you have a moment, please head over and add a review. You can find the reviews & a link to write one at the bottom of each product description.

By the way, I’m not asking for only 5 star reviews, or handing out coupons tied to reviews, I don’t want to create any implied quid pro quo, but I promise to read every one of them!