RGB ordering in through-hole and strip neopixels

I have a project that will use a mix of two through-hole neopixels and a neopixel strip. However, I’m having trouble finding neopixels that use the same color coding in those forms – through-hole versions tend to use RGB ordering, while the strips tend to use GRB. Of course, I could manually flip the ordering for the two through-hole LEDs in the code, but this would be a pain to do in each script in my library, and even worse when the code is specifying the output in HSV. Does anyone know of a source for through-hole neopixels that use GRB ordering, or strips that use RGB ordering?

If you can’t find strips and LEDs with matching color ordering, consider one of the
Output Expander boards.

It’ll let you set color order, and LED type on a per-channel basis, and wouldn’t require any adjustment to your patterns.

Thanks! That looks interesting. Does it connect right to the pixelblaze? It’s not obvious to me how they connect together, even after looking at the documents on the bhencke site, or on Tindie. Can it be used in conjunction with the sensor expansion board, or is it either/or?

The Expander wires directly to the Pixelblaze’s power, ground and data outputs in place of an LED strip/strand. It doesn’t interfere with the sensor board - you can use both.