RGB W how to question

First of all, let me say, got my first pixelblaze setup in under 5 min - what a wonderful implementation of wifi captive portal, settings, and pattern previews. It’s no less than amazing to me you’ve managed to cram this on a ESP12S

Two questions…

I am using WS2812 “compatible” strips that are GRBW - is the separate white LED even being used? Also what’s the difference between GRBW and GRB-W in settings? Any easy way to write a pattern that just goes full on White LED and nothing else?

Hi jpm, and thanks! Always happy to hear how much people enjoy it!

You should be able to get it running with one of the rgbw modes. The one with -w remove the white element entirely and mix rgb for white, basically turning it into a normal rgb strip.

The really fun stuff comes from the non-minus rgbw modes. In this case when white would normally use rgb, instead it is displayed using the white element. This keeps the hsv colors more or less the same saturation and saves power. So eg if it was going for pink, in rgb it would be red at 100%, green at 50% and blue at 50%, in rgbw it will output red at 50% and white at 50%.

For all white, run hsv with zero saturation. Eg



I get it now, and it works great, thanks for the fast reply.

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