Saving Playlists

When I finally get PB to actually work and I create an interesting playlist (a few wonderful hours of time usually), then shut down PB and PC; when I can actually start the next session, where does my Playlist go? It would be a huge benefit to be able to save Playllists for recall at another time and it would save hours ot time that it takes to create them.


Hi @FredEBear,
Playlists are saved automatically, every time you add a pattern, reorder them, or change a timer.

Just so we’re on the same page, are you are talking about Playlists as demonstrated in this video?

Dear Mr Wizard,
Yes that IS what I inquiring about. While Sequencer is running, Playlists are saved BUT, when all is powered down and restarted at a later time ALL Playlists go to digital heaven and are never seen again. Isn’t there a way to save said Playlists then call upon them at another time. I’m asking for the obvious reasons but while using my iPhone in AP mode (which I’ve only succeeded at once), I noticed that, yes, I can select a pattern but Playlists are nowhere to be seen and since Playlists can’t be created in AP mode, perhaps do to limited screen size, I thought it would be great to be able to call some up.
Thank you,

Playlists can be used on a mobile device and/or while in AP mode. The playlist and pattern list cannot be displayed simultaneously on small screens, side-by-side, but both exist on the page. Playlists are displayed first, followed by the pattern list.

If your playlist is empty every time you reload the page or power off Pixelblaze, then perhaps something is wrong with the hardware.

I’ve previously send you a direct message via this forum, if you reply to that or send me an email at with your order details I can send out a replacement.

Yes I know about your email. I sent one out to you this morning.

Hi @FredEBear ,
I haven’t seen any emails from you. Can you resend please?

Perhaps I don’t have your proper email address. I sent another one this morning and it says sent but you say you didn’t get it. Can you email me outside of this site? Direct as this site seems buggy to me as PB can’t get onboard again. I really feel the my PB is at fault and doesn’t work properly.