Schematic or parts help?

I’ve just blown up a couple of Picos by not resetting my PSU to 5V and bung 12V through them. I caught it straight away and I’m hoping it’s just one part to replace (expensive mistake otherwise). The part (voltage regulator?) is the 5 pin chip with the VM1HC on it. Google isn’t brining anything back for the part. Anybody know what I should try to replace it with?

I’m afraid I’m not able to offer any help on your question, but I think responses may be slower than usual right now because a lot of the people who answer questions here are at Burning Man.right now.


Could it be an AP2112K-3.3TRG1 3.3 volt regulator? I don’t have a Pico but the schematic is here:

Hope this helps.


Awesome thanks. Ordered some from China will see how well my old figures and eyes are with SMD replacements!


You’re more than welcome. I hope you get on well with the SMD soldering and that this manages to resurrect your Picos!

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