Sensor board curiosities

Hello all,

I’ve been playing with the V3 board with the sensor board attached. When I attempt to use one of the sound patterns it kind of works. In other words, if I make loud sounds I can see it flicker. I’m using a 5 meter roll of SK9822 with 144 pixels.
Now, that said, My niece has the same setup except her string is 1 meter and 144 pixels and her string really flickers a lot with very little sound. Is this a result of a sensitivity setting in the code for the sensor board? Sorry, I’m an old fart that hasn’t worked with code before.
I do look through the code and try different things but haven’t found the difference yet. I’ve been running it with 2 3300 lifepo4 batteries in parallel.

On another note.
I had a close call with wiring because the connectors on the 5 meter roll /V3 PB are not the same polarity as the 1 meter roll/ Pico board. Had I hooked it up it would have most likely let the smoke out.

Any ideas?



This can happen with weak power situations. Try turning the brightness way down. If that fixes it, then what is happening is your power supply can’t keep up and the led patterns are causing the supply voltage to go all over the place. That can end up looking like fake audio to the analog inputs.

Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. I was testing to see if it would run on 3.7 volt cells.
I’ll try on a different supply tomorrow and compare it with my nieces.

Also, on your crowdsource page you reference using Firestorm to synchronize multiple PB devices. Is that the app used for the Philips Hue lighting control on the App Store?

Thanks again.


No, it’s this:

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I set up a 5 meter/144 pixel string tonight for a party. I used a 16volt 11ah battery pack to a 5v15ah dc-dc converter and it worked fantastic.
Needless to say everyone at the party was impressed. Especially the geeky guys like me. They wanted to see the controller and sensor board.