Sensor board pins don't match latest board pins

The latest PB board has one more pin than the sensor expansion board, and the ordering doesn’t seem to match anymore for stacking. Is this a mislabel, or can we not stack these anymore?

Would be great to have a little section about how to connect the sensor board to the blaze.

Hey Alex! You’re right in that the pictures should be updated for the v3 board which has one pin more than the sensor board. If you match ground to ground, it will work.

ChrisNZ recently helped someone else with the same issue here and linked to some resources.

Thanks for the pointer. I figured that it probably still works, but the 3.3v is in the same spot as the sensor board’s RX label, and I wasn’t sure if that would do bad things.

I know there were a very small number of boards out there in the world with incorrect pin labels - when did you buy yours?

On my most recent shipment, my Pixelbalze V3 standard and Sensor Board have labels that match up like this:

PBv3 Sensor
IO26 (not connected)
IO25 (unlabeled)
IO0 (unlabeled)
Tx (unlabeled)
Rx Tx
3v3 3v3
RST (unlabeled)

Ok, so it looks like my sensor board matches that, but I didn’t realize I should connect the Rx on the PB to the Tx of the sensor expansion. I can hook all of that up today! Thanks for the clarification.

No problem! In serial communications, “Tx” means “transmit” and “Rx” means “receive”, so this is how you connect it so the sensor board transmits data that Pixelblaze receives.

Oh that makes a lot of sense. I have never messed with serial, or at least not in like 6 years… so used to lining up the same letters and numbers for things!