Sequencer Enhancements


Are you looking for feature requests, or is the a place to post them?

I just got the PB and like the sequence timer. It would be nice to be able to select which patterns are “enabled” and “disabled” with the sequencer. Right now it seems I can have them in the sequencer or delete them from the device. I would like to be able to keep them available on the device.


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Hi @anthonyn. Yes, you can put feature requests and ideas on the forums! I make a category for it just now. Thank you!

I would like to second the request for temporarily disabling a pattern without deleting it! Great idea.
In the mean time, it is useful to remember the get patterns link can show you the code for the default patterns. doesn’t help for restoring a custom pattern though. I suggest using your own source control solution for that. I thought someone posted a question about deploying from a repo directly to the pixelblaze somewhere on a fb thread, but I don’t think the solution was feasible.

Found this aged thread and just wanted future readers to know this now exists via the new Playlist feature in v3!