Set up issues help needed

Hello guys. I just get another pixelblaze today and I having problems to set it up. What I doing wrong? Thanks in advantage

Did the phone ever connect to the PixelBlaze (PB)?

Things to try:

  • Use a different phone or laptop to WiFi connect to the PB.
  • Disconnect the wires from the PB and power the PB with a good micro USB power adapter or a laptop. If you can connect, do all the WiFi setup before switching the PB back to your wires.
  • Move the PB to another room and try WiFi again.

If you connect to the PB, open a browser on the connected phone or laptop and go to:
Then follow the rest of the instructions for connecting the PB to your WiFi router.

Keep trying different things and you should get it to work. There’s a slim chance it’s defective but I’m sure each PB is tested before it’s shipped.

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Thanks. I change the connector and is working now. The connection was getting really hot. Maybe something wrong with it was affecting the PB. thanks

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Another tip for Android: sometimes the networks get confused since the PB AP network doesn’t have internet, and it tries to use cellular. Turning off cellular data temporarily can sometimes make it work!

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Hello guys again. Ok. This morning I try to change some strips settings to change the Leds and everything start again. I try everything, change power supply, use regular usb charger and unplug the Leds, 2 phones and 1 computer. No in the video. And still the same. The pb wont show and when it show the connection is erratic, when connected no way to go to the app to control the lights and settings.

Is a possibly that the pb is bad? I just try my other pb and that one connect right away.

Stills nothing :pensive:

Cellular data was off already. I dont know what to do now.

Is me again. Another power supply and another phone with cellular data off.

Last video. I dont want to annoying anybody.

Hi @Changchung
Are you trying to connect to your network or make anew one in AP mode? From the second to last video it looks like you set to AP mode and autofill some stuff. AP mode needs a password, at least 8 characters. If you mean to connect to your network then use the other button “Configure WiFi.”

In the last video, the button presses are too short, or it’s already in setup mode. Hold at least 5 seconds. It should reset and flash the orange light 3 times ( the second to last video shows this). You can also power cycle PB and it should flash 3 times. Otherwise it’s not in setup mode.

Another thing to try is if you want to connect to your network, some routers can get messed up and block PB. Try power cycling your wifi router, that can help.

Ok. Right now the PB has just the blue led on. No orange. I try the 5seconds already and nothing. And the Leds in the strips are off also.

In the last video I was just trying differents things because the pb is doing nothing. Like I say. When I see it the wifi settings is hard to get connected when is connected and I go to the web browser it wont connect.

Check this video.

Ok. I dont know what I do but I make it work. But I see that the connection is still erratic and when it change the patterns it make like a pause and the night rider effect is not uniform, with 50 Leds the effect is uniform, all Leds go forward and back but with 270 Leds in my case no all Leds turn on when make the effect.

Really glad you got it working!

I’ve typically found that the pauses are associated with extra work the board needs to do related to WiFi/Network tasks.

When you’re running in a steady state without any web browser connected, I find they go away. One exception was when I had written really inefficient code (trying to implement my own delay() instead of learning the nonblocking way) but I don’t think that describes your situation.

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Ok. In my case is not connected to the wifi network. I change the speed of the Leds and work a little better. I still dont know why the knightrider effect wont show fine with a certain amount of Leds.

The KITT pattern can do that. I’ve been meaning to code a fix, but the gist is that if the speed is more than 1 pixel per frame, it only paints one of the pixels and skips some. I get the same thing with tons of LEDs.

It’s not totally clear to me, is it all working or are you still having problems with the wifi?

I see you ordered another PB, thanks! I’m sending you an extra you can try if that one is still acting up. If it fixes things, let me know!


Thanks Ben. I let you know.