SetVars and Flash Memory

Hey everyone!

I’m currently trying to add the capability to respond to external data sources (sound, manually triggered events, smart flow toys) to a fleet of Pixelblaze powered LED strips in an installation. I’m starting with sound reactivity.

The installation is all wireless, so I’ve been trying to avoid needing to get a sensor expansion board for each Pixelblaze. My solution so far is to attach a sensor expansion board to either the Raspberry Pi I already have running Firestorm or to an Arduino and then have it send its readings through the network to a little Node server I have running which forwards the data to each Pixelblaze through Firestorm with setVars commands. I believe through some experiments that setVars only affects memory, but I want to double check that this approach isn’t going to fry the flash on each Pixelblaze.

So my question stated succinctly is, does setVars write to disk?

Nope, setvars is just in memory, you can send those without worry of wearing out the flash.