Shhhhhh.... Its a secret

I thought we would have heard about it here first or via an email.
Did I miss the memo? :slight_smile:

Anyways you can sign up on the page for notifications. It’s a thing of beauty :slight_smile:



Hey! Quit stealing my thunder!


Heh, I just got it in my Google news feed, and was like “Hey, he should have said something on the forum first…”

It’s all good, it went live on the site last night and went out in their newsletter this morning. I’ve been trying to get a post going when I saw this pop up :slight_smile:


So as I mentioned I bought a handful of inline controllers, ranging from a 3 button with USB power, a 3 button with normal plug (so you could do 5v-24v) a zero button but with RF remote (also 5-24v.

The new Pico is crying out to be packaged like that (basically wrap it in a heat shrink tube, after adding connectors). If you haven’t considered that, you should, I suspect you’d easily sell plenty of them to folks who buy the above items, as it’ll blow them all away. Yes, having a handful of patterns programmed into a cheap fixed function device is nice but the Pico could easily clone that functionality but add so much more.

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I did that with one here, the heatshrink works well and the button is still usable! Now I just need to find a good way to print on heatshrink :slight_smile:

Sticker. That’s what all of the ones I have do.

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:smiley: The pico is very intriguing and a very cool idea. So many possibilities between the two different V3s. Can wait to get more details like when and how much. :slight_smile:

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The pico is awesome.
Now we just the web ui to interface multiple units on the same wifi into one page. :slight_smile:

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Search for Firestorm on the forum.

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Looks like there are specialized thermal transfer printers for this application:

I see more than a few options on Alibaba for buying custom printed heat shrink. I couldn’t find any decent listings on Aliexpress.

Nice find! Thanks for the info. Thats exactly what I was thinking about!

When will this be available for purchase!? Any options for established makers to get early access? You need any more testers? I cant wait to get that pico into all my staffs and poi sticks. And try the v3 on my pov ceiling fan project, my God the framerates! Hurry up I’m drooling over here

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The Crowd Supply campaign should kick off in a week or so. After that the campaign will run for 4-6 weeks. Once complete, I’ll be shipping out ASAP - but the timing depends a lot on the popularity. Once all campaign orders have been shipped, V3 will be generally available for purchase.

In order to protect the campaign backers, outside sales are prohibited during the campaign. There might be some early access for marketing purposes. I’d love to see some pico powered staffs/poi sticks!

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My partner spins poi and she has a set of Flowtoys PodPoi, which uses a internal unit that I’m sure I could duplicate with a Pico/sensor/3dPrint/battery setup, and hopefully do more than it does now.

So with the campaign will we just be able to order the two different V3 versions? or will we be able to get some other stuff like the sensor board and output extenders? 4-6 weeks is like Christmas timing?

All of the existing products are still available to purchase on my Tindie store. V2+ will still be sold for some time as a lower cost option.

Many of the add-ons and some LEDs will be available during the campaign as well.

For safety’s sake, shipping won’t be promised until probably early January, but I have every intention of shipping sooner than that.

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Wizard, let me ask, the sensor expander board is the same or it change too? It can be sandwiched too with PB3? I notice that the tx connection wont match where I think it go.

Ben confirmed that the expander boards and sensor boards will be compatible with the PB V3.