Shutting off the Pixelblaze

Hello guys. Sorry if is a dummy question. I just install a pixelblaze in my car and the only way that I found to shutt it off is dimming the lights. Is any button in the app to shut it off? Thanks

Hey Kalill!

That sounds right. If a physical power switch isn’t what you’re looking for, the best options would be to code a blank (dark) all-off pattern, or to use the global brightness slider up top.

The list of patterns is organized alphabetically. If you want your “off switch” pattern at the top of the list, you could name it something like “All off” or “! Off”


That’s probably the easiest way to “shut off” the Pixelblaze. You could also use a relay or simple external ON/OFF switch.

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Thanks guys. I think that I will add a fisical switch.