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Brand new to Pixelblaze.
So I’m looking to custom light a matrix, a strip laid out in a zig zag pattern, lets say 10x10, and have the whole thing white, 20%. When I push a button1 in an app, 18, 28,38 light 50% red. When I push button 2, they are all white, except 35,45,55,65 are green, etc.
Nothing moving, flashing, blending or anything.
I think I need to learn to create the map for each situation, and then link that to some kind of simple app.
Any help getting pointed in the right direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Hey Bill! Welcome to Pixelblaze.

Given that your bio here mentions that you’re a model maker, I think I know exactly how you might be using such a thing!

What you describe is totally doable and quite easy. You don’t even need to map it for something like this, you just need a single pattern that encodes the LED indices you want to recolor on particular button pushes.

Is it a hard requirement to have your own app? If so, what kind of an app are you thinking (mobile? web app? app-store?). If you need complete control over the UI, you can still do this by coding a few simple websocket commands that the pattern will listen for in order to change to the various colored highlight states (setVars in the websockets API). You can also take a look at our existing web app and mobile app store app and see if having your users select different named patterns to trigger the different states is an acceptable experience.

And finally, if you’re looking for a physical button like I see at many museum installations where a physical 3D model is highlighting various buildings or topographical areas, that’s even easier. You’d just solder a few pushbuttons to the various GPIO solder pads on a standard Pixelblaze.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much. New to coding, and went through the intro to pixelblaze code example. Very helpful in the basic mechanics. I’ll worry about the “buttons” later. This isn’t for a specific project, but I need to be ready if a client wants it.
Thanks again.