Slider min and max

Are sliders always between 0 and 1? Is there a way to specify the min and max?

The slider itself controls a local variable (usually v, but it could be anything), that goes from 0 to 1.
What you do with it to your own variables, that’s on you. So if you wanted to do a min/max, you use the 0…1 range of v, and adjust your own variables value within the range of min/max

MyVariableName = (Max-Min)*v + Min

(look familiar yet?)


The power of repetition, in my learning, is great! (To the question if I recognize the equation yet) :slight_smile:

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The only downside to this is that the slider labels that you see as you use the slider will still remain 0…1 Your solution is elegant and I feel like I have seen that equation somewhere else… :smiley:

Ooh, that’s a Useful UI change, @wizard :
Slider labels? So you could add a label to either side of the slider, and hide the 0…1?

“less” “more”
“Reverse” “forward”
“Slow” “fast”


Actually I think I’ve said it before but a “switch” (slider with no middle, just 0 or 1) would be useful too. Same UI or a real switch)

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What labels? Can you send a screenshot and browser info?

^ @devoh I think he means you here. Did you actually see labels?

Was wondering about that – no labels here on firefox, firefox focus or chrome.