SMD3014 LEDs - is this compatible with Pixelblaze?

Hi, I’m really new to this and about to work on a major LED project. I found some LED strips that I really like which are SMD3014, however I don’t see it listed as being compatible with pixelblaze v3. Can anyone confirm if that’s the case? And if so… is there another RGB strip of similar density that I can get which could work?

LED Chip Model: SMD3014
Voltage: 12V or 24V
Density: 840 LED/m
Colour: RGB
Link: Full Set Rgb Led Cob Strip Light With Dimmer Power Supply App Music Sync Control 24v Colorful Fob Led Tape For House Room Decor - Led Strip - AliExpress

There are 3 pins for red green, blue.


Hey @abojic! Welcome to the forum.

From watching the video, I don’t think these are individually controlled with a data signal. Pixelblaze only works with LEDs that can each be programmed to be a different color than their neighbors.

In this form factor (the high density, small COB strips) I’ve used this strip with Pixelblaze successfully:

When you do a lot of this stuff, you start to recognize all the weird part codes and stuff. SMD3014 looks to me like “surface mount, individual chip size of 3 mm by 1.4 mm”. On the one I linked, it says “SK6812” - that’s a chip model spec that indicates the manufacturer (mostly; SK = China, likely Normand) and protocol (6812 = single data line, AKA “NeoPixel”)

It is possible to drive these with Pixelblaze (with the appropriate driver board), but the entire strip functions as a single pixel. As Jeff mentions, these kinds of LED strips only draw all the same color, they aren’t individually addressable.

Here’s a driver/adapter that can be used

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Ah thanks for pointing that out. Not sure how I missed that this strip only does single colours. So for addressable RGB, looks like 320 LEDs/m is the best that current tech has to offer.