So happy with this setup!

Here’s my LED string around the perimeter of my teardrop camper. So happy with it!

Looking for more 1D patterns! Love everything that has been shared and I have had fun making simple mods with my beginners skills. Give me some more cool patterns to try out!

Thanks, this is a great community :+1:


Hi @SeaLaVie ,
I’ve enjoyed your camper posts! That looks like a great setup!
You’ve tried everything in the pattern repo?

I know @zranger1 has some more on his github, and of course there’s probably a few here and there in forum posts. The learning series is a good place to check for sure.

Thanks, yes I’ve tried most of those except for the ones that have been posted in the last month or two. I just downloaded those and will try them out soon.

Some of the 2D and 3D patterns look really cool on the camper also. And then others don’t run. I need to figure out how to add the 1D render function and see if I can get any cool stuff out of those. Just have not experimented with that yet.

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You might want to explore doing a simple 2D map, which is basically a distorted circle in your case.
But most of the 2D patterns assume a solid figure, not an outline, so YMMV, a few patterns will look good, many won’t.

You actually have a good edge case of 1D. The “circle” or other shape can benefit from 1D patterns built to naturally flow like the edges are connected to each other, as opposed to a line…

Very nifty project.

That’s a great idea I haven’t really thought about mapping and what kind of patterns I might be able to do with that.

I want to recreate this look that I had from a pattern on an sp108e controller. I use that image scan function on some wavy lines and it came out with this sort of wavy pattern that you can see in this bad video. I think I could do something really cool on the PB but just not sure where to start and haven’t had time to work on it.

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At first glance, it’s a set of “high points” (think wave crests) that move apart and together (so the frequency changes) with some color cycling to flesh it out.

I’ll try and sketch something, seems like a nice pattern idea.

Yes that’s what I was thinking, to set up something like a sine function with varying frequencies that would wobble the points without allowing them to overlap. Then eventually start controlling the color as well and have the whole thing generally rotating around the loop in it’s wobbly fashion.

I just found "springy marquee by @zranger1 on github. Haven’t tried it yet but looks like it is similar to what I have in mind.