Some sort of auto-save would be nice

I messed up twice in two days, noodling around with a pattern, finally getting everything dialed in just how I like it… and walking away.

Then I switch the thing on the next day and go through the 12 stages of loss for my perfect Christmas twinkles. I realize that burning out all the flash write cycles is not an acceptable trade, so what I’m envisioning is that after maybe a minute of not touching the editor, its contents could be persisted.

Only slightly related: I’d like to see a “Save As” too. Another mistake I keep making is clicking “Edit” on an existing pattern where I really wanted to Clone. Then I either inadvertently overwrite the original or realize it in time, but still have to copy and paste to a new one.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Hi @masto ,
I hear you on that! It’s one that we want to fix. Save as too.

The solution we’ve been thinking of would use local browser storage, but to make that work right would also need a hostname, likely with mdns so you’d get something like mypixelblaze.local.

Another option would be some cloud based system.

I hadn’t thought of a device based timed save but that would be possible too. It’s a neat idea!