Sound sensor help

Just wondering the proper way to plug a speaker into the sound sensor. I have two speakers playing the same music, but when I plug into the sound sensor I can’t hear the music from the second speaker.

The sensor board uses line level audio, it won’t work with an amplified signal used to drive speakers.

It should work fine if you split the audio at the source, before any amps or speakers with built in drivers.

Can you post more information about your audio setup? What is the audio source, and how are the speakers powered?

I was trying to have a jbl speaker plugged into the sensor board with a y splitter.

Sorry to be like “Works for me”, but I do something similar often:

I was contemplating doing the same thing myself a few days ago and just read this post. What is the max ac voltage the sensor board can take through the 3.5 mm Jack? Would it work if I got the signal from a small full range speaker in my car?
Thank you

It’s line level, unamplified audio. Like 1v ish. A headphone, aux out, RCA or similar should work fine. Just not a speaker driver output.

Thanks ill pick up the signal from the rca’s before the dsp and amp.