Source for HD107s/HD108?

I see the HD107s uses less power when off. Anyone that is using the 107/108’s have a good source for them? Where are you getting them from?

I got mine off of eBay from China, but it took a month to get here. I checked but that seller is no longer selling it. Btw, it is worth it. The efficiency adds up especially for sparse color patterns.


If Ben/Electromage could find some it would be an awesome addition to his store.

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I just discovered that there’s a guy in Colorado selling 8-pixel rigid strips for $6 ea.

I’ve ordered his super cheap 8x8 SK9822 matrices before, and the shipping was fast.

I ordered a 60led 1m strip from Aliexpress and that will be good to play with. I wonder if there is any way to actually tell if they are real HD107s’s when it arrives. Now to wait three weeks to a Month. :slight_smile:

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I just cleaned the Tindie guy out (bought 8 at $4.50 each for some POV Poi, would have bought more too), but he has some 8x8 hd107 matrixes for $17 free shipping still. He should be making more, so do sign up now if you want hom to make some of the 8pixel sticks sooner.

I’ve having a hard time finding good sources outside of China for hd107/108

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I have not found a US source yet either. I’m trying to convince Ben to carry some :slight_smile: Though my needs are small. I think Ben said he also didn’t have a source. It’s funny because they are not “new”. They came out a couple years ago and have some nice advantages…

Between the mystery LEDs in those fairy lights, and the lack of real apa102s (most are sk9822s a somewhat inferior clone) and the way hd107 and hd108 are hard to find, it’s clear that the LED market is crazy. It’s quite some hobby to play with these.

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