Spinning POV on Ceiling Fan Motor

I first posted about this 2 years ago, but finally got around to improving it a little and making a video.

I updated the code for most patterns and made a playlist that I think suits it well. Here’s the archive of all patterns: HuaHoop.pbb.epe (390 KB). It’s for a V3 standard. Remember that restoring it will overwrite a Pixelblaze. Rename it to .pbb (remove the .epe).

Here’s some additional pics of the build. It was a rush, and would take a few more days to install a slip ring & bearings.


This is amazing. I love that piece of art, and now am tempted to build something like this.

I have unsuccessfully attempted to change the file to just .pbb(removing the .epe). I’ve created an Led hula hoop using apa102 60 LEDs per meter(144 pixels total) equipped with my V3 Pico. I’ve been making changes to existing patterns and speed variables like a mad woman, just to achieve something close to a pattern. I’ve had moderate success. Id love to see if this pattern could be of any use in the further innovation of the hoop.

It’s a full backup file, and can be uploaded in the restore options in settings. Warning! It would erase what you already have.

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Just last weekend I finally replaced my old broken ceiling fan with a new one. If you remember, I had a blade fly off when I taped a battery to it. I kept the old motor though, been thinking about reviving this project. This video and posted file might just be the motivation to get started again!

the new video looks amazing! I don’t remember the video looking quite this good last time, different camera settings? new patterns?

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Wow, good memory. Yeah, last time I only had a day to make patterns, and I didn’t map it other than to transform index to radial indices. For some of these new patterns, it’s done with render2D with a rotation transform hand-tuned to match the RPM.