Start up with specific pattern?

I’m interested in trying out the Pixelblaze but had some questions. I’d like to set it up for holiday lights mostly. What I would be doing is using a smart plug to turn on and off at specific times for holiday lights. I would like to know if the Pixelblaze can be set to run a specific pattern at start on its own while retaining brightness settings and other pattern options I preset prior.


Hello @BORIStheBLADE1,
Pixelblaze remembers the last pattern you click on, and persists this along with brightness settings and will use those when powered on the next time.

Some things can change the pattern without persisting, such as the sequencer running through patterns and the button. Those can be used and it will still start with the pattern that was last selected in the interface.

All of the pattern controls like sliders and color pickers are also persisted every time they are used.

Thanks for the info!