Stuck in reset cycle and can't connect / orange LED blinking repeats

Hey, I just tried to update one of my PixelBlaze V3 (for a friend’s car underglow project) from v3.18 to this new version. I hadn’t done initial setup yet on it other than getting it on my network. The other PB V3 is working fine (still v3.18) and will go on my car soon. Something happened and now I cannot connect to the PixelBlaze network. It didn’t reconnect to my wifi, and putting it in setup mode brings it’s network up, but it’s not connectable. Did it get bricked? How can I fix it?

Hi @greeninja13,
Just want to confirm you have it in setup mode, it will flash 3 times when powered, and make a network called Pixelblaze_XXXXXX with some alphanumeric digits. That sound right?

Are you connecting via a phone/tablet? Sometimes turning off cell data can help. If it says there’s no internet, and asks if you want to stay connected, select yes. When you connect it should pop up a notification asking about signing in, which will load the setup screen. If you can connect to that network but don’t see anything, you can get to the setup screen by opening a browser to:

If that doesn’t work, and there is an issue in 3.18 that can cause a "not found’ page in some cases, give this URL try:

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I get the initial on blink, 3 blinks, a 3 second pause, dim on for 1 second, then the cycle repeats. If I connect the LED strip it blinks yellow a couple times.

I was using my desktop, but after a couple tries it stopped seeing the Pixelblaze_XXXXX network. My phone could still see it sometimes, but selecting the network does nothing (tries to connect for a couple milliseconds then stops).

I can’t access those pages because I can’t get on the network that it occasionally provides.

Power is stable as it’s coming from usb from fast charging port on monitor.

Again, the first PB I started messing with is working perfectly, but I never tried to update that one.

If it keeps repeating then it’s stuck in a reset cycle. I’ll swap it out for you.

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So, if I’m getting that same flash pattern, am I SOL? No way to kick it out of the reset cycle?
I get a dim orange for a brief moment before it goes full brightness, blinks three times, flashes the whole string of lights white once, and goes back to the dim/bright-3 flash loop.

I can’t get it to start a WiFi network at all. I’ve had it a while, but only just started to mess with it because I have a new project to tinker with.

@EdieCosmos, I’m thinking about that white flash… depending on your power supply and how many LEDs you have connected, it’s possible your Pixelblaze is resetting because the LEDs are drawing more current than your power supply can provide.

Try disconnecting the Pixelblaze from the LEDs and powering it via USB to see if you can get it set up just by itself.

If it works without LEDs, before hooking them back up again, go to the Pixelblaze’s settings page and make sure the LED type and number settings are all correct. Then set the max brightness to something quite low – 20% or even lower to reduce the current draw. If everything works at low brightness, chances are you’ll need a bigger power supply to run at full brightness.


That was the problem! It defaulted to 100%, and wouldn’t make it through startup. I finally dug up an old USB cable and plugged it in with no lights, and we’re back in business!

Thanks for the assist, @zranger1

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