Stuck Updating PB3 - prob with low space

Is there any way to reset the pattern memory to factory or delete patterns without the UX?

This was a stock PB3, loaded up with patterns, before the update.
I’m fairly certain I’m in a low space situation but dont know how to recover.

At one point managed to get 3.16 running.
and can get to the recovery page. but only in AP mode. Client mode settings either dont work or dont stick.

I can see i am out of storage space.

Figured out the 3.18 url from the 3.16 url but trying to update firmware to either version does not stick,. No error , or no response and it seems to restart. but stuck with the recovery page.

I can get into the setup mode based on the bright orange LED on the PB.
When browsing to I cant see any pages. Its just a blank white page.
trying to redirect to
at this point I can save WIFI configs by submitting a URL such as:

curl -i -d “mode=AP&ssid=pb3&passphrase=Karma123&discover=true” -X POST

I previously deleted the index file using:
then goto update using:
and upload the 3.16 firmware.
and although seems a little slow to update completes ok and restarts.
After the restart i see the AP and can connect ok.

but still have the blank white page. does not seem dead the web/net is responding but is stuck with an empty page.

or after updating but before deleting the app its the recovery mode, if you delete the app then its just the blank white page, and in wifi setup redirects to the setup that is empty.
so use the CURL post to set the AP.

but stuck in a loop , and probably just need to clear the storage…

Any tips on what i can try next?


Same here. Was on 3.12. Things got slow then boom, all fell apart. Settings showed different led configuration. Can’t get it into recovery mode. Nothing works. I did get update to load early on but file 3 of 4 would repeatedly stop around 40k and a checking internet connection would appear.

I had an intermittent download problems updating some other boards, i used a different AP, one on my router vs the one i normally use that is on a different network segment and it finally completed ok. but still have one stuck in a loop updating to recovery mode.

I can’t even get mine to give me a login now.

Reposting some details from my reply in the other thread.

Free space shouldn’t be nearly as critical as 3.18 updates will free space first, and 3.18 will install a recovery page so you don’t have to do any hackery with curl to set up WiFi if the main app is lost during an update.

If the main app can’t be written and your index page is the recovery app, then it can be used to configure WiFi and update/repair. I don’t recommend deleting the index page as you are likely deleting the tiny recovery app. A copy is also available at /recovery.html

What kind of free space do you see in the recovery app? I would think it could work with 400k or so free, but since you are having issues shoot for 500-600k.

If it was filled to the brim, pattern files can be downloaded and deleted manually to free up more space. Restoring them is trickier. The recovery page doesn’t have that built in, but pasting this snippet into a browser console should log out the pattern IDs and names:

var oldOnMessage = websocket.onmessage; 
function readAsUtf8(buf, cb) {
  var bb = new Blob([new Uint8Array(buf)]);
  var f = new FileReader();
  f.onload = function(e) {
websocket.onmessage = function(e) {
 if ("string" == typeof {
 } else {
 	var buf = new Uint8Array(;
 	if (buf[0] == 7) {
 		readAsUtf8(buf.slice(2), console.log)		

With a given pattern ID, you can download the binary archive with a URL like this
and delete it with the delete URL like this

Restoring involves uploading via curl (e.g. with pattern id iPSFqLoN9yKEfKCaH)

curl -s -i -X POST -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" -F "data=@iPSFqLoN9yKEfKCaH;filename=p/iPSFqLoN9yKEfKCaH" ""

Thanks! Using the delete URL worked ok. I had some troubles getting patterns to delete but eventually removed enough for the update to succeed. Once running everything was working normally, and was able to update to put it in wifi client mode and update to 3.18 from the ‘tower of light’.

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Rad! This is getting me closer too. Keeps timing out on deleting but I can play around with that.

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Should delete or archive this thread.

Some nuggets may be valuable for a tshooting thread,

but the original problems ROOT CAUSE (the blank white page in FF or a 404 message) is a specific to windows under certain versions and configurations, mostly noticed when using more than one network connection. NLS or something related gets confused and the redirect to the wifi setup page does not work.
and the page will open, configure your network and should work fine from there.
alternatively use something other than Windows to do the WIFI setup.

I did notice a behavior common on android and windows,

if you see a message to “sign in to the network” or similar meaning.
Click that link and things will work.
I saw it as a notification banner in Android.
I saw it the link to “Open and Connect”, in the Network connection tile on Windows 11
and i missed a similar NOTIFICATION in the right hand notification area in Windows 10.
seems if you only have 1 Network connection active, and no other internet connection running.
Where discovering the ‘open and connect’ link seems to be more discoverable in newer versions of windows. Never saw the redirect to the wifi setup page work under embedded 8.1.
In these cases, if you miss that link or never see one, using some other platform, or opening the url page directly works for me.